From Greenville to St. Simons...

I've had such a blessed couple of weeks getting to feel like I'm on vacation, and this is during school mind you-- it's been great!
Last weekend I accompanied Matthew to one of my favorite little cities-- Greenville, SC. It's just 2 hours from Atlanta, and we were only there for the day, but we couldn't stop talking about how it felt like we were on vacation. He had his local long drive qualifier-- which he WON, with a 400 yard drive and a brand new driver he'd never used! Crazy!  He goes to Regionals in Greensboro, NC later next month, and if he qualifies there, it's off to Mesquite again for the World Championship!
Well, the rest of the day was spent in the quaint town of Greenville. We saw a great movie-- Knight and Day (I was pleasantly surprise- it was hysterical!)-- visited my favorite coffee shop- Underground Coffee, had a great southern gourmet meal, and then stopped back by Underground Coffee before heading back to the ATL.
Then this past weekend we headed to down St. Simons with his brother, Kevin, to visit his family for the 4th of July. Matthew's mom fed us like kings everyday, we enjoyed some much needed relaxation and got some sun on the beach.  It was wonderful! Oh and I have to mention how awesome I was at this game of rolling a golf ball into a hole of sand. I beat Matthew 3 times! It was awesome!

Matthew wanted to beat me just once--but the CubBuster was too good!

Me with the Leggett Ladies. Gotta love um!

Matthew with his mom ready for the fireworks.

I didn't quite make this one, but we got to see the fireworks on the beach! This picture doesn't do the hour long show justice.

Welp...  only a week and a half left of summer classes, I can do it! Happy belated 4th!