Last week!

Yay, I'm in the homestretch of my first graduate semester. It really wasn't that bad once I got a rhythm down and remembered how to open a textbook and skim the content-- skimming will be clutch in grad school let me tell you-- it started coming together.

I'm pumped to have a "summer" like the good ole days for the next couple weeks. No work or school. I plan to sleep, eat, catch up with friends, and stay up late playing kick the can with my friends down the street.

My little bro Matt moved back home too--- so it really does feel like a flash back, except instead of arguing over the remote...... well we are still arguing over the remote. Some things never change. But instead of discussing the possibility of him becoming a famous Rock Star, he's become a little more realistic in his old age. He's now surfing the net looking for any possible job in this economy. Matt Blair actually threw out the words law school and police officer. Mmmm hmmm..... I can't see Matt defending the law, but I think its hard to picture your baby brother doing anything by annoying you or asking you to play video games with him. :)   Gotta love him!

Enjoy your humid hair-ruining, cricket listening, firefly catching, lake swimming, pool diving, ice cream eating summer days!  Oh.... I hear the ice cream truck man right now. Gotta run!



  1. bahah! you signed this one coolBuster! that's why I love you...and this blog!


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