My new Roommate...

 So I'd like to introduce to you my new roommate. She is a beautiful blond, pretty short, tiny frame and almost 70 years old (in dog years that is). Even though her hair gets everywhere, she doesn't always smell shower fresh (sometimes she's in serious need of mint too, but I don't want to hurt her feelings and tell her), and she has the unending energy of a 2 year old, she really is the nicest roommate I've ever had. Very easy to please, and always there for me!


"See I'm getting sick of this photo shoot, if you don't give me a treat soon, I'm going to eat your camera. Okay maybe not, since I wouldn't hurt a fly-- I was once mauled by a cat!"

"Thank you!"                                                                          "Man this is good!"

"Uhhhh.... Heaven in my mouth!"