Some things never change...

Now with all the change that has blown into my life in the past month, (new home, new roommates, new career path, new financial status, new zip code, new routine, etc.) it is nice to know that there are a few things that never change...

1. The King of Kings (praise the Lord!)

2. The rising and setting of the sun

3. The lunch I pack for school/work-- yes, as many of you know (or the three people reading this), I love my standard elementary school sack lunch, and that still hasn't changed. I do switch up a few items, but the staples remain. Does this menu not bring you back to your childhood?

-Main meal = turkey and cheese on a slice of bread or a PB & J
-Fruit = apple or banana
-Yogurt = Dannon light and fit
-Granola bar = a fun isle at the grocery store
-Extra snack = cookies, string cheese and grapes, snack pack pudding, etc.
-Afternoon snack = trail mix, popcorn, carrots and hummus, etc.

Who can beat that menu! Come on!!!
I'm curious do you think turkey and cheese or pbj is better?

--Coffee CubBuster


  1. my official vote is PB&J!!!!!!!!!! i eat it for breakfast too :)

  2. Yes! Your getting like ALL the food groups for your start to the day! I love it too!!


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