Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A proud hen...

This past Friday, I had the distinct privledge to watch behind stage as my hip hoppers performed their Pièce de résistance! They worked hard all semester for this recital.To be on the other side is really fun. I remember it so well... you get those nerves and butterflies right before you go on stage.
This time I got.."Miss Katie I have to pee!" "Miss Katie I'm really nervous!" "Miss Katie which hand do we put on our hip when we walk on stage!"  Then afterwards.... "Miss Katie that was so fun!" "Miss Katie my shoe started coming off, but I never stopped dancing!" "Miss Katie, we did awesome!"  And that you did girls.... that you did!   I am so proud of them. Maybe I should train more and become a dance teacher full time. Hmmm....  if only I was talented enough in the arena of choreography. Maybe one day....

~Hip HopBuster

My girls before they went on stage!

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