Reminiscences of Roommates

Once upon a time a young college graduate moved back home with her rents in good 'ole mareretta (that's "mare retta" for you southerners) where she thought it was great to work and save on bills. Not two months into her life in the "real world" as she soaked up the 18 minutes of available sunshine that poked through the forest-packed backyard on her parents deck on a sunny Saturday, she received a call from an old high school friend. The convo went something like this....

A: "So, me and KC are thinking of moving in together and wanted to see if you wanted to be our third roomie."
CubBuster: "Oh well, when were you thinking?"
A: "I guess as soon as we can find an affordable place."
CubBuster: Thinking... 'Hmmm.... move again? Man I dunno. I got a nice set up here at the rents place who is this KC I wonder?' "I don't know if I remember KC, how would I know her?"
A: "Well her boyfriend was a baked potato pie with your boyfriend, so you probably saw her around the house."
CubBuster: "Oh, okay I think I remember her." Hmm.... roomates again, I guess it would be nice to have some girls my age to live with. "Let me think about it and get back to you."
A: "Sounds good. I think it'd be really great and hope it works out!"

*DISCLAIMER* I am so lucky that A called me, and I would have been a complete idiot not to take her up on this amazing offer. Those of you who have known me know that I don't make immediate on-the-spot life decisions very quickly (I'm learning to be more spontaneous though!) Thankfully Mrs. D. Maupin herself explained how ridiculous I was (she's not one to hold her tongue thank goodness!) and also noted that I would be paying rent soon if I didn't find my own place. Problem solved!

A day later...
CubBuster: "I would love to move in with yall! Thanks so much for asking me!(This should have been my initial reaction mind you!)"
A: "Oh that's great! Well let's get together ASAP and start looking for apartments!"
CubBuster: "Great! I can't wait!" Man am I lucky not everyone takes a full day to get on with life!

Three years and many moons later...
 A, KC and CubBuster found themselves in a far off place sitting around a kitchen table overlooking a beautiful lake asking themselves where the time had flown to. They reminisced on the past chapter of their lives that involved a great deal of significant change, growth, tears and joy. All the while enjoying an A and KC favorite: CHEESE DIP. Life would be forever changed, yet their friendship would not nor would the liquid white cheese delight at their fingertips (unless they forget and leave it out over night). No matter what the future held, they knew they could rely on each other. No matter how much time passed, they knew the other ones had left a permanent imprint on their hearts that they would be forever grateful for. God had placed each of them in exactly the right place together to bolster each other during the exciting transition from college to the "big world out there". Thank goodness for girl friends!

Now CubBuster finds herself strangly back at the beginning of the story. She is moving back to the ole' rents place. This time she is feeling quite humbled at her ripe old age of 25 to have such a grand opportunity to work towards an advanced degree in one year's time, while living at rents, rent free. She knows with the passing of the last three years in the blink of an eye, she can do anything for a year. Yet, this go around she feels like her whole attitude has changed. And so the next chapter begins...

I will miss you girls! So very much!