Happy 3rd Birthday Silas!

Thank you for teaching me oh so much.
Whenever mommy isn't dancing, singing, or her usual self, you come in with that perfect touch-
I'm given free hugs and kisses, or a toy to play,
Or you tell me, God's always with me so everything's okay!
No matter what's going on you just want everyone to smile.
You make us all better people and have for a while.
Whether your rhyming, reading, or singing ABC,
 I can't wait to learn more from you now that you're three!
Thank you for teaching me so much sweet boy.
Your a gift from God- a true bundle of joy.

Silas was taught by his sweet daddy to give ladies flowers. After pulling out all the real flowers from the yard and seeing how quickly they die, he decided to give me this the other day. My heart smiled.

Silas named this airplane- PO76. I have no clue where that came from, but I was impressed.

This is the face of a boy watching his brother dance around the kitchen.

Dee Dee came to the aquarium with us for Silas' b-day. It was a blast!

A special birthday surprise showed up in the back yard!

Thank you T-Pop and Daddy for all your hard work!

Everyday he wants to go to our "park" in the back yard. :)

Happy Birthday Bud!

Prayer requests for little Levi-

Levi had some good a bad news this week:
- Bad news: he lost 9 ounces of weight. We are trying different things, and working to trust God through this thorn that still persists. He had a cold last week, which didn't help eating drive or throwing up, but hopefully working with GI doc, we will turn the corner soon.
-Good news: Levi is almost army crawling! He has finally popped two bottom teeth! He "waved" hi in his own non-traditional way, and he started eating a lot more by mouth the last 24 hours (maybe a growth spurt!).

Please pray for his weight gain/eating/throwing up, as well as his ability to turn his hand in supine position (think looking at your own palm). Also, we go back to the ENT for another hearing test on Tuesday. Praying he does great at that!

Thank you so much for continuing to care for our family! Love you!

~Birthday Buster3