Dance with me

I may not take too many dance classes anymore, but I love that I always have dance partners at my beck and call. The boys love dancing in the kitchen with me! There's nothing better in the world (besides a good cup of coffee) than dancing. It just makes everyone happier. Happy Thursday!

The boys already know about afternoon coffee time!

Just a random trip to the Atlanta Children's Museum. Our first time, definitely won't be our last!

Here's two T-bones for you daddy. I know you like meat!

He always sticks out his tongue if he's really jazzed or really concentrating.

Now that we have Levi's spitting up down to a science, and we all know exactly when to "grab the bucket," it is a little better. But we go back to GI doc, as well as the boys' annual ped appointments next week. Hopefully we can get a continued plan of attack for my littlest man's eating regime. All his other therapy seems to be progressing well though. We even get to add more OT through our Babies Can't Wait program! So thankful for great therapists! Meanwhile, we are all just counting down to Silas' birthday this Sunday because he literally asks every day if it's his birthday yet. There will be fish, sharks, penguins, cake, ice cream, and plenty of dancing!

~Dancing Buster