Be leery of your standards

"It's hard to lose when your standards are so low." (John Simone Sr.)

I am all for high standards, especially when it comes to who my children will marry, how they conduct themselves as gentlemen, and what they absorb into their hearts and minds. However, when it comes to daily life, we have to be careful what standards we grow accustomed to in our lives. In other words, it's easy to get used to a certain lifestyle or routine, but when it changes to one we consider a "down-grade," that's when it becomes difficult to adjust.

Whether we are talking about restaurants, shopping, sleep, or independence, once we come to expect certain modes of operation, the lesser, inconvenient forms are no longer acceptable. No matter what our paycheck says or where we call home, I hope that my family can maintain a simple lifestyle that is modest to say the least. While it's easy to say these things when thinking about the unknowns, like the potential loss of money, health, or time, I didn't see the correlation to Levi's eating until recently.

After making all the G.I. changes a couple weeks ago, I have spent lots of time cleaning up constant projectile vomit (sorry if you just ate). This was our normal M.O. most of the last year, but after two good weeks without spit up, I was ready to unload when he began the same old "end of meal sickness" routine. Then I recalled how "normal" it used to be, and that it hadn't phased me. How had I adjusted so quickly to a new normal? Likewise, I'm quite used to life without a monitor or leg casts. I need to remember these wonderful new norms when I get a little sick of sickness.

Since Levi is back on his old inhaler, no longer dealing with a sinus cold, and finished with ear-tube surgery, I am hopeful and excited to appreciate life in the future without constant spit up. Regardless though, I must always be prepared to adapt to a lesser M.O. while still maintaining my simple appreciation for the present circumstances, knowing that it is pretty easy to change our standards either way.

Silas helping clean up a late afternoon spit up. (This is not forced labor, he actually requests this duty!)
Love that Silas finds joy in a "mommy/Silas date" to Fresh Market.
Levi was a pro at being under the knife!

Although very delayed effects from anesthesia made us all a bit scared.

Thankfully having a feeding tube forced pedialyte into his system and made him all better! His first Popsicle didn't hurt either.

Look who is obsessed with his new "big boy bed!"

So far we haven't grown much, by the animal foot prints are making me a bit nervous. Our owl, "Hootie" doesn't seem to be scaring anyone.

Loving spring with these boys!

Thank you for your recent prayers! Please also lift up Levi this Monday as he has his (hopefully last) Neuromuscular evaluation to check off that he doesn't have any neurological issues from being so premature!

Lots of love!
~Standard Buster