I kid you not, he's reading an Accounting magazine.

Love our Resurrection Garden tradition

Just as I was about to lose it with exhaustion on a Saturday pancake disaster, my little man put on some glasses and reminded me it was no big deal.

Look who's trying to grasp with his weak hand! (I sat him up though...not quite to the up and down on our own yet.)

I heard a quote recently that really stuck with me. "These days, people wear busyness like a trophy." Isn't that the truth? I have to say that I was sold into this gold. Not long ago, if I didn't have something planned for every hour of the day, I felt like people would view me as lazy, unimportant, or even out of touch with society! I know most people would argue that spending our time wisely and taking advantage or every opportunity is the American dream, but I'd have to say I think we are just afraid of what others might think, or worse what we might discover about ourselves if we slowed down long enough to be still and reflective.
I'm certainly the last person who would advocate gluttony or laziness, but I think there is a beautiful balance I've been forced to embrace these last few months with my boys. There is a huge difference between busyness for the sake of busyness, and advocating priorities. Just because social media makes our world seem ever populated with eternal connectivity, doesn't mean we are missing out on life. It's okay to excuse ourselves from some of those pressures that we place on ourselves.

As my family begins to emerge from our sanitized coma into the beauty of Spring and blessing of community, I pray that I can continue to know the difference between being a "part" of everything, and being a part of something meaningful. I think we can all benefit from a time of stillness every single day (not television, phone, or some other still activity, but no activity at all). Don't fear silence, because when you embrace it, it's actually rejuvenating.

Thanks Gibby for coming to celebrate Levi!

When one person gets a new toy, others struggle to be happy for him.

A few neighbors and family helped us remember our little Levi's great birth!

While we've taken a few steps backwards with the spitting up and eating, I know that we'll get there eventually. Levi's most recent achievement is holding a small object in each hand and clapping! You're amazing Levi.

Please pray for his simple ear tube surgery on Monday and the ability to keep his meals down! Thanks so very much!

~Trophy Buster