Happy 1st Birthday Levi

Before you get too excited, Levi isn't really eating a cupcake, but he did try a little frosting and loved the shiny wrapper of course! His first birthday came with doctor's appointments, a head cold, and lots of love and kisses! He's a trooper to say the least, and what most kids would get upset about, he sees as a piece of cupcake compared to what he's been through.
Matthew and I reminisced on the past year in awe of where we've come from and how we got where we are today. It's only by the grace of God for sure. There's no other way around that fact. We couldn't be happier to celebrate simply that our second son is alive and by all comparisons very well!

A quick update:

Levi still isn't past the 7th percentile  (for weight/height ratio, he's only in the 2nd percentile for his age group based on weight), so we made some feeding changes that will hopefully keep us moving in the right direction. Although, the good news is that he's continuing to eat pureed food by mouth, and doing great with all his therapies!
We finally made it to the ENT. After a very extensive appointment, we've come to the decision that Levi needs tubes in his ears, despite the fact that he's never had an ear infection. He has so much fluid in both ears that he failed part of his hearing test. We are hopeful that clearing out his ears will help with a lot of the mucus he struggles to manage in his respiratory system, which in turn affects much of his other issues. He'll undergo that surgery in two weeks. 

Thank you so much for prayers and love!

Happy Birthday Levi! We celebrate every single day that you are home with us bubba!

~Coffee CubBuster


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