V-day to remember

 In this marathon, and more specifically the last couple of weeks, things have been pretty rough. But like any long, long run, God gives us those sweet moments to keep us going just when we think we need to stop. Whether it's your toddler learning to make his own "funny camera faces," just when you need to laugh, the beginning curiosity and learning of your little one who showed little interest prior, one night of decent sleep among a hundred sleepless nights, a great date with your spouse after a long week, or some "breakfast" in bed made by your kiddos, we are provided what we need exactly when we need it most, and no sooner. Not only has Levi begun to throw up with the volume and intensity of several months earlier (making me feel as though I'm living a terrible version of Groundhog's Day the movie), he's also not sleeping great, day or night, because of his leg braces, and his feeding bag in bed with him at night. For that reason, I've had to get on my knees and ask for the kind of help that only God can provide. Exhaustion simply takes the joy out of positivity. You force yourself again to look at all you have and compare yourself to those who have it SO very much worse. It helps snap you back to joy and that's usually when a moment of bliss occurs, even if it is just a moment. I'm reminded that Levi's physical struggles equate to his cognitive strengths.
He has been put back on formula giving us a break for the harsh thickness of Pediasure, and we hope to learn something new at his ENT appointment next week. We'll try to big boy calorie food again in a couple weeks.
Meanwhile, because God provided us with a the perfect retired nurse, my wonderful husband planned the most random and awesome of Valentine's dates. He said simply that we were going "dancing in the city." Not having done much this past year away from our house, I felt like I was seeing Atlanta for the first time in a long time! Needless to say, neither of us could have anticipated where we were going. We attended an event similar to a massive wedding reception at the Botanical Gardens. It was probably the only event I've ever been to that drew a crowd of every single walk of life imaginable. I'm not exaggerating or viewing this from a subarbian bubble because I literally can't think of another venue that would entice such a plethora of couples. There's usually someone you are catering to in your advertisement. However, you name it, and we saw it. Every single combination of age, race, gender, transgender, ethnicity, disability, background, etc. There wasn't any distinction, and the ABG had multiple stages with every kind of music, every kind of dancing, magicians, comedians, desserts, vow renewals, prize patrols, peaceful orchid walks, outdoor fireplace, fountains, you name it. I could have people-watched forever. I only wish such a diverse group of people could hang outside of Valentine's day and get along so well.

 Thank you to all my boys for making Valentines sweet for me! I especially loved how my breakfast in bed was calorie-free!

Thank you for continued prayers for our little Levi to sleep and eat better. Time.... we just have to keep being patient and realize that he's a happy little boy that has come so far!

Check out a great moment he had on V-day (his therapists know he prefers his standing on his legs after the strength they gained from being casted, but they really don't want him to skip crawling because he needs to strengthen his weak hand, arm, and shoulder.) I love this though.... he didn't hang on long, but he's learning!

Thank you God for Coffee!

~Coffee CubBuster