Tiny Miracle

I was recently sent a video that a friend knew I'd appreciate; I only wish I had every email address of every single doctor and nurse that ever really cared for Levi during the first four and a half months of his life. I hope somehow that you will see this and know how often we have and still thank God for you!


It's so important to remember what we've through. Too often we forget the joy of living each day. We think too much about getting to the next vacation, better holiday, or easier phase. Each day we breathe, we are witnessing a miracle. And it's crazy how many of us have gone through similar struggles, and we don't realize it. We don't walk around publicizing our hurdles or hardships. But if we held a banner with everything that has touched us deeply, I think we'd see how very much we have in common with the each other. When you see someone's heart, they feel a little more like family you want to love.

May I never forget everyone that has helped us through these heavy and heart rejoicing times!

Thank you!

So much can change so quickly... Watching medicines, cords, and monitors lessen monthly has equated to witnessing miracle after miracle.

Since we haven't been able to go visit our church family due to Levi's doctor's orders, please know how much we miss and love you too! Your prayers are invaluable!
Here's how we are doing church on Sundays, watching live feed from our home...

And if we are fortunate, the boys will have their own entertainment so we can really focus...

We still sit in awe of the fact that we have two boys who sit and breathe on their own. What a miracle!

~Miracle Buster