Small strides

When Matthew and I went on our very first date, we (of course) went to the movies and saw The Notebook. Obviously he was interested in me since he was willing to see such a chic flick in a public theater. While it's not my all-time favorite movie, there's a single line in it that I love. When Noah and Allie are aging, and Noah is being warned by the doctor that his wife's dementia is irreversible, and reading her their own personal love story will not spark personal memories, Noah responds, "You know what they say doc, science only goes so far, then comes God." I think this statement helps me understand my little Levi a bit better too.

It's easy for women to look at both their vocation, spouses and their children as things we are supposed to change, fix, or grow. It's up to us to make people better and teach them how to do that. Not only is this a terrible way to approach anything, but it's absolutely backwards. I have found that the exact opposite is true. Both marriage as well as parenting humble an individual, and they actually make you a better person not the other way around.

Levi has made some small, but wonderful strides the past few days. We've seen his little personality come out and watched his muscles get just a bit stronger in every area. There aren't any major milestones to document, but hearing Levi gallop his little casts for the fun of it in the middle of the night is worth the nocturnal interruption. It also shows us his sweet personality. He's much more like his daddy in that he doesn't want a lot of fuss or focus on him. Too many people in a room all up in his personal space can overwhelm him to meltdown. However, he is like me in that he doesn't need to sleep all night. He can wake up and be bright eyed and bushy tailed just like his big brother and his mommy.

I hate to admit that the cliche "angel and devil" still coexist in my life though. I hear God whispering, See, science and medicine can only tell you so much. Leave room for me to grow your children. I could listen to the devil telling me that Levi is behind, and that I'm not doing enough on my own accord to strengthen him. There is so much more "homework" I could be doing with Levi with regard to his therapy. Yet, there are only so many hours in the day, and many other things that seek my attention. That's when I sit quietly before God and remember how very small I am. When I put God first, everything else seems to fall into place on it's own. It is not my job to fix anything. I merely get a front row seat in what God is doing in our family. Levi has come so far in such a short time, and I rest easy knowing that the angel has the right angle.  Prayer request for a little man below...

This picture just exemplifies the difference already evident in my boy's personalities.

Silas loves park dates, especially when he can compete and lap his date.

We somehow have a lot of "girlfriends" around here. So thankful for all our sweet friends making life fun!

We've been mixing it up with the beautiful fall weather and having our yogurt outside after dinner.

I now have another reason to love fall- Levi can stand it longer outdoors! This picture melts my heart by the way!

This past weekend temps got down to the 50s and that is cause for celebration in our home. Silas busted out his new snow boots, stomped on the few leaves that had fallen, and then we all consumed every pumpkin treat we could find. It was glorious!

This is a staple expression for Levi. I think he's a pondering fellow with an air of curious concern. :)

- Please pray for Levi's upcoming surgery next Wednesday on his feet. It's a relatively standard procedure with a corresponding timeline. Levi will get his heel muscles clipped followed by new casts that will stay on three weeks. Then if all is well, he'll have some fun shoes for three months. Then it's just the "retainer" period as I call it. He'll only have to wear the shoes at night until he's maybe three or four. Excited that we are almost done with casts!

- Levi went to see the ENT yesterday, and we are so thankful there were no red flags. He said his vocal cords do move a bit slower (which we already knew) and that his high palette in his mouth can cause his secretions to just pool there, but since he's learned to compensate, the doc really thinks it will just be time and therapy before Levi learns to eat by mouth. Could be a year or two or more. Just a waiting game, but I'm thankful for the good news, and I think he's getting better at feeding therapy!

- Please pray for Levi's cardiologist appointment next week too. They are just checking to see the the small PDA in his heart is continuing to close on its own. I'm really not worried about it, but it's always good to triple check everything.

- We have an appointment with a hand specialist on October 9. Levi's OT said she's seeing such an improvement in his wrist already, so that's also great news!

-Finally, please pray for the new therapist we are trying to get to come to our home over the next several months to help work on feeding from our house. Pray we get just the right person for our little man.

We are so thankful for you!

~ Striding Buster