She was never from this world. She always belonged in Heaven. She was my best friend. Kyra Lynn Karr went to be with her Creator and Savior two days ago, the exact day that one year ago our unborn baby went to Heaven. As an amazing sister, mother, daughter, wife, and friend, my baby couldn't be in better arms. They are united with many who are living in eternal peace, joy and love. If you didn't know Kyra, I feel sad for your loss, but I will thank God every day that I got to spend precious intimate time with her days before she left this Earth. While nothing seems to make sense in moments and everything reminds me of her because she came and lived my life with me this summer. She took care of my boys and myself like we were her flesh and blood, and I think she did that for everyone.

My heart aches for her family, but I have no doubt that they will see God's purpose in this tragedy. I have already witnessed it today. I have a new sister in Christ because of Kyra and Levi!!!!! Hallelujah! There is joy in pain when you know your maker.

As I process and compose my words and myself, I will have more to say to honor sweet Kyra, but for now, I know she'd want me to honor our sweet God. The day before she met Him, she wanted to show me a video that I feel she'd want me to post here. I hope it touches you as it did me.

Kyra just seemed to understand everything in a way that most of us take years to grasp.
I don't know how Silas could have known this, but after hearing that Kyra was in Heaven with Jesus, he said, "She is not in her red truck anymore." How he knew it was a car accident I don't know except that it was the Holy Spirit speaking through him. He then said, "And Levi will not have his shoes there," (his shoes are what he calls his new casts) to which I responded, "Yes. We will all have new perfect heavenly bodies with no casts!"  Silas then said he wanted to bring Kyra's girls a band aid, a hug, and some applesauce to make them feel better. Oh sweet Lord, thank you for that sweet view of life here on Earth.

More to come, but please pray for the Karrs and the Carps in the coming days, months, and years.

Thank you for praying for our little family too. God is good. Levi doesn't really like his casts and we are not sure what the future holds for him, but none of us is sure of our futures right!? Unless you know you will be in Heaven without your casts. A great place to be.

~Cast-less Buster