Assume Grace

Levi and Kyra bonded the first time they met. She was unafraid of his wires or his meds, she wasn't scared to try to help with his feeding therapy even if he choked and gaged, and she didn't mind swaying his heavy casted-self until he conked out in her arms. They have both recently given me a window into my own poor judgements.
I realized on a recent trip to the grocery store that no one in that store knew that I just lost my best friend to a horrific car accident. Maybe I did leave my cart in the middle of the aisle a time or two, but my intentions were never self-centered. When trying to check on Levi as he made choking sounds in the car the other day, I realized I veered a bit in the other lane. I received a death stare from the car that later came up that lane. In another store, everyone looked at my little Levi with pathetic eyes. One man asked if his legs were wrapped so that he didn't hurt himself..... I'm not quite sure what that meant, but either way, no one really knew how NOT to stare. I felt bad when I yelled at a girl at Chic Fil A on the way home from Kyra's visitation. I came out of the stall with a whimpering infant, and the over-zealous little girl asked to see my baby. "Ok, but Don't Touch HIM!" I scolded. I think my tone and Levi's unexpected condition scared her to death.
These are just a few of the daily reasons I need extended grace. Likewise, I realized that I have no idea what anyone around me is experiencing. Maybe the little girl who is constantly on her dad's iPad just lost her mom, and it's the only way she can cope at the moment. Maybe the man who seems extremely rude just lost his wife. Maybe the woman who is distracted by her phone is trying to find out if her son made it home from Iraq. Maybe the terrible waitress is hiding the fact that she just lost a baby. Maybe...... maybe you just don't have a clue. Either way, if we are going to make assumptions, we need to assume grace upon grace upon grace. Life is too short to do otherwise, and trust me, you'll need that grace yourself one day soon.

A quick update on our little Levi :

- Since he hasn't needed any oxygen since being home this last month, the tanks were taken from our house Tuesday along with the monitor! Less wires and beeps! Hallelujah!
- Levi's PT said he's doing a great job strengthening himself. As far as she's concerned, we can see her every other week for a while until he's bigger.
- Levi seems to be getting used to his casts and his Orthopaedic doc said after one week his feet already look a lot better.
- Levi has a new hand splint  that seems to be helping straighten his hand more.
- Levi's cognitive abilities and weight gain impress every doctor we see.
- Levi has NO sign of fluid in his lungs, so the pulmonologist said we can ween some of his meds!

- Levi still seems to struggle a lot with his own saliva, so it feels like we are forever away from trying anything by mouth. We love our new feeding therapist, but their are a lot of unknown variables (as per usual) that will force us to take the g-tube/eating road one day at a time. If he never eats by mouth though, I truly believe there are worse scenarios in life; however, his earnest desire to orally self-soothe is a promising sign.
- Levi may need both a heel clip, as well as a wrist clip (not the medical term) one day in the distant future. These are actual surgeries to cut muscles in order to straighten bones.
- Levi can't do certain things that other babies can do because of his casts and g-tube. Prayers that I always focus on his blessings not his hurdles.
- September starts the month of a lot of follow-up doc appointments, as well as the dreaded cold and flu season. Prayers that we wisely live out our days enjoying each moment along the way.

Taking time to paint cookies. An amazing moment.

Who knew the home depot apron would become a cooking apron.

My boy loves cookies as much as I do!

I mean that angle makes Levi look obese! Love it!

So thankful for this miracle

And these two together.... come on!  Savor those moments!

~Assuming Buster