Venturing out

"They" say that children's separation anxiety peaks between the ages of 10 months to 20 months. Silas seems to have moments where 'mama' is his only source of comfort. I am literally the magic pill that makes all of life feel safe and wonderful. Yet whenever there is a great beat dropped, he can't pick me out of a line up, nor concern himself with a possible child abductor. Whether it's our local Alive after Five in Roswell, downtown Atlanta at an ALS walk, or a brand new city at the Charlotte 5k festival, Silas has ventured out into the abyss recently simply to bounce his little, boy body to a snappy tune. I can't help but feel somewhat responsible for his love of music and dancing!

Silas has now added "fort" to his vocabulary.

The fort stayed up for a few days, and I think Matthew loved it as much as Silas. I love boys!

It only took three visits to the Chic Fil A cow at the ALS walk before we were brave enough to touch the ginormous two-legged cow. I was still to timid to high-five the scary beast.

We were honored to volunteer at this year's ALS walk, which meant we were the first ones there, and first ones to dance.

Silas Cary Smith got to volunteer on his late uncle's birthday this year. Happy Birthday uncle Cary!

We were also blessed with Tour Championship tickets thanks to Dee Dee and T-Pop. Good thing Silas knows what "golf" is, or he may not have understood the quiet part of the game.

Just discussing the intricacies of each players grip and stance.

Silas favorite part about traveling to Charlotte for my step-sister's wedding.

Sarah looked stunning. There wasn't a dry eye in the church!

Congrats Aunt Sarah and Uncle Spence! We love you!

Not our best family photo, but we didn't want to overshadow the bride (pun intended).