Bills and Blessings

When your birthday is approaching, there's really no way to forget because you receive that beautiful gift of a tax bill for your car registration a few weeks prior to your special day. As if approaching a new decade wasn't enough, I also received a double dose of humility as I (doubtingly) obtained a (probably long overdue) speeding ticket. Keep those bills a-coming! While I stick to the standard rule of "ten miles over legitimacy", I really felt like the gun was not calibrated in this instance, but, such is life. I think never wanting to have more or less of what I need, it all balanced me out since I have already been blessed by other monetary birthday gifts! God always has a way of providing everything we need!

Little man loved making his tower "big."

It was a bit like playing Jenga.

Visiting our post-surgery friend, proved to be a cat-chasing fun time for Silas.

How sweet is the new Clausen addition, baby Penny!

Stop flirting Silas! She's out of your league.

Date night = homemade popcorn, pumpkin spice cookies, and a movie with my favorite man.

Ending our stay-home weekend with some much needed weed work was another unexpected fun activity!