Smart Art

Silas has been bringing home lots of "art projects" from his PMO class, so I figured it was about time we had some of our own art classes at home. A little trip to Walmart and we were set with some new words: "chalk," "mark" (markers) and "hop" (hopscotch) are now part of Si's lexicon. Still working on crayon and colored pencil, which are pretty much designated to the basement area.

We purchased his first piece of luggage at a consignment shop for 5 bucks. I think he's aching to get back on a plane cause he plays with his new suitcase all day!

I found this activity on Pinterest: Homemade Sidewalk Chalk, it was a huge hit! Silas couldn't believe he could make such a fun colorful mess. I should have bought more bottles!

With lots of rainy days recently, I've been so grateful for our unfinished basement. Perfect for active boys!