No Laboring

I have never really taken time to understand what exactly we are celebrating during Labor Day. I just get excited because it means Fall is just around the corner. While I fully teach the unreliable fallacies of Wikipedia, here's what looks to be a pretty accurate telling of the holiday that we undertook rest: LABOR DAY A day free of laboring and soaking up that last moments of tanner skin.

With much of my family in Dallas, we entertained some special guests up at the lake.

Sweet baby Wren. Our lovely neighbors whose daughter seems to already attract my son. ;)

Silas refused to nap at the house because he didn't want to miss any boat time. Looks like the boat was as good a place as any for some much needed shut eye.

Loved our captains helping get us back to dock.

The things we do to protect fresh baby skin.

I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

 ~LakeLaboring Buster