Way of life

Well.... "ask and you shall receive."  I wanted to get out of my routine, and God was sweet enough to make it a truly unique week with Matthew at home for three days and ice and snow to boot! More than that, I realized that it's not a seven day experiment that I am seeking to accomplish, but rather a lifestyle change. I want to wake up every single day asking God to direct my path. I want to live moment by moment realizing tomorrow may never come. Since I will naturally stay organized and orderly, I don't have to worry about becoming a hot mess. Instead, I will continue to remain open to any and every possibility. (yeah, yeah... you say that now, but wait another month and you're back to the same ole' same ole').   This is not another yoga, new year's, fad. After visiting a former co-worker's "celebration of life" this week, this notion was echoed even louder. There will of course be times where I have to remind myself and seek to start anew, but I'm thankful for the recent awakening, and I hope to inspire my son and others to do the same.

Here are a few of my spontaneous and not-so normal occasions this week:

Coffee every day?  um..... sometimes twice. ;)

We love living close to so many parks in Roswell. Who cares about a little ice forecast on the horizon? We got out there just before it hit.
I can't wait to hear what's on this little man's mind. He's always pondering something.
Ever since our trip to Paris, I've always wanted to try my hand at homemade Crepes. They were easy and delicious!
Make sure you have the proper crepe fixings before any predicted snow storm.
I see this being a staple in the Smith household.
Silas knows exactly how to whimper at the door when he wants to play a little longer. I think they make cribs look a little too much like jail cells if you ask me.
Made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my sweet neighbor. She was tickled that we "walked in the awful elements" just to see her (she lives next door mind you).
Silas, don't make fun of mommy's snowman.
 There was too much ice okay!?
Cabin fever is just the ticket to get this little guy crawling and exploring. There's no stopping him now.
I had an amazing Valentine's day with my hubby. Casablanca on the big screen with roses and brownies for the ladies, followed by an elegant dinner with a salsa serenade in the background. My better half knows just how to get me to check yes.
 I can't believe I'm blessed enough to have two Valentines this year.
Thanks for all those hugs and kisses bud. I love you too!
~XO Buster