Lemon = Lemonade

You know the saying... and it's quite easy as a new mom to receive a new basket of lemons on any given day (without warning might I add), but I've never liked lemons personally, not even in my water. Really it just tastes like watered down lemonade, so why not give me the real thing. And so it goes...

Tired sick baby = extra snuggle time
Less time for self = more time watching someone's firsts
Early baby alarm clock = extra sunrises to view

My iPhone doesn't do this sunrise justice. It was really beautiful!
This snow-rise was just starting. Loved this so much!
We had a house guest recently who wasn't too fond of Silas. I think there was some jealousy involved.
So I gave Silas another "doggie" to look at. This boy LOVES to read.
He will take out all of them and just sit in a pile of books for hours. Of course I'm a good mommy and would never leave him there for hours... per say.
My teacher heart loves that he loves books so much. Doesn't require much to entertain him.
Hmmmm... should I be worried that he never goes outside to play?  :)
Had to throw in a pic of my other "kids". These girls are no longer kids, and getting ready to leave me for college in just a few months! I will miss leading their small group after these amazing four years. Time needs to slow down a bit please!
~Lemonade Buster