4 generations

Every time we get through a difficult event, it becomes one of those notches on an old man's leather worn belt that we never forget. I recently saw the movie Lone Survivor and while it's definitely not for the faint of heart, it certainly shed some real light on what our brave soldiers do for our freedom every day. They certainly have more notches than I could ever count. But it was that movie that helped me get through a tough couple of days as a single traveling mama. (I'm certainly not comparing my circumstances to the actual Lone Survivor. Rather it gave me a perspective in which to change my mindset.)
 After an unpleasant stomach bug  that kept me in bed for 24 hours, my hubby went to the west coast for work where we were suppose to meet him 48 hours later. Thus, I began to see that with God, all things are actually possible (Mark 10:27) as I packed, disinfected, and mothered by baby boy with a pretty empty intestinal track. Then, getting up at 4 am I prepared to get to the airport for a five hour plane ride with a 10 month old who had terrible congestion himself. Needless to say, I had plenty of sweet strangers love on me while I tried to use the tiny changing table in the front of the plane. Silas did amazingly well, and when I couldn't feel my hands that had fallen asleep  under his head, and when my stomach groaned at me from lack of nutrients, and when I felt so tired I wanted to vomit again in the little white paper bag they provide that has probably been sitting in the seat-back for 18 months, I just thought about that Lone Suvivor and realized that I was actually pretty comfy in my sweet leather-bound chair flying 10,000 feet over the beautiful earth.   It's all about that perspective we tend to lack.

In the end, the whole experience was worth it just to see my dad meet his grandson for the first time and watch as my unbelievable grandmother loved her great-grandson for three days in Sunny San Diego. 4 generations together made it all worthwhile.