What do you do?

I'm often asked what I "do all day" as a new mommy. Well, that's a good question. I don't really know what happens to the hours of my day. Somewhere between diaper changing, baby-talking, coffee making, coffee drinking, toy and mush cleaning, and a little lesson planning or grading, the day just seems to pass by. While I know that my son is learning more in his day than I am, I have still acquired a plethora of new understandings myself:

Life lessons introduced by a 7-month old:
1. It's okay if you get nothing done in your day except caring for your family
2. Set small goals that you know you can accomplish for yourself: i.e. a load of laundry and a trip to the post office.
3. Set bigger goals that you can be flexible with their accomplishment date: i.e.  house projects, complete makeover, and saving the world.
4.  Create a schedule to maintain sanity: i.e. laundry Wednesdays, working/job stuff Tuesdays, and play-date Mondays. And don't worry if you have to adjust your schedule sometimes. That's life.
5. Babies may not be able to understand a cell-phone's capabilities, but they know when mommy or daddy is looking at the cell phone instead of them. Don't create a bad habit for them to emulate when they get their own phone.
6. Don't plan too much. Spontaneity is the froth and foam of life.
7. Don't compare your child's development with someone else. (This doesn't just apply to babies but every stage of development)
8. Make time to just sit alone, and keep dating your spouse. Your child knows loves to see mommy and daddy happy together.
9. All humans are prone to rebel against what is best for them. Even a 7 month-old will begin to test the waters of disobedience.
10. Get out and let your child see the world. You might even begin to remember what it was like to view this world through the eyes of a child. It's rejuvenating.

Silas giving Dee Dee a congrats hug on her new job. (Or maybe just a tired hug after a big lunch. Either way you want to read it.)

Silas has already decided that he doesn't want to eat baby food. This was his first act of independence. He fought and flung the pureed food and wouldn't eat unless he could pick it up with his own two mushy fingers.

Like father like son: chips a salsa lovers. Silas was drooling, although he always does that.

Our friend Bobby, the personal trainer, giving Silas a lesson in crawling. His son, Max, giving Silas a lesson in kissing/biting.

This is the "I'm tired, pout face."

Never thought I'd use this gift, but the Target carts are a little big for Si-man, so this was perfect. He loves getting to see everything in the store now.

Great date night with our new movie theater experience- Leather recliners and reserved seating! Matthew was in heaven. Don't think we can go to any other theater now that we have been spoiled.

Silas LOVED his first swings experience. It only lasted about ten minutes (like most activities), but it made both of our days brighter.

~Learning Buster