I love my view from my desk. It's been the perfect fall season ending almost simultaneously with Thanksgiving- as it should. Now on to some DIY Christmas decorations.... no mantle so I have to figure out where to decorate... ideas?

Silas still isn't crawling, but I'm not complaining. He'll sit in front of a basket of toys forever... well sometimes he reaches too far for something and topples.

Instead of crawling, he'll roll and push off until he gets what he wants.

Mommy, I won't go anywhere unless you help me.

The best medicine for a tough day at work. Matthew and I love a little something sweet after dinner.

So impressed with my hubby's "DIY" maintenance. My car door handle broke, and I couldn't open it from the inside or outside. With little to no "car" maintenance experience, I was quite impressed that he took off the panel and fixed it! DIY always helps the wallet and the esteem. :)

I was confused by the fresh green buds on our barren winter tree. Apparently we have some mistletoe growing, and I never knew that it's actually a parasite slowly killing its host. Who thought to kiss under a parasite? Christmas here we come!
~Coffee CubBuster