Silas' hair is growing before my eyes. I couldn't resist a little styling one day. It lasted about an hour.

He really looks like such a big boy when he brushes his teeth, I mean gums.

He's either going to be a dentist, orthodontist, or work for Oral B.

Just gotta get a few pearly whites first.

I feel like I'm growing up too. I went from DNOW student, to leader, to Host Home this past weekend.

These girls grew up before my eyes. I've had them since they were freshman and now as seniors they had their last Disciple Now at the house I grew up in. (I'm holding back nostalgic tears.) Love you beanie babies!

It was an exciting, exhausting, and exhilarating weekend. God is good.

Then we reunited with our "newly-wed" small group leaders and brought all these growing babes.

You all have been prayed for even before you started growing too fast.

It has been an amazing extended fall, and I love that it's not over yet. Silas and I experienced some more colorful goodness on a recent walk. Thanksgiving here we come!