The two boys in my life hit some important milestones last week.... I feel like I should do something for the first time... hmmmmm..... I can pick up objects with my toes while holding a heavy baby, talking on the phone, and folding laundry. Does that count?
Silas can sit up in his stroller now. (I think he was ready a while ago, but I just loved looking at him when I ran. He pushed me to keep going!)
All he needs is a tag or something to chew, and he's good to go. He LOVES looking at all the trees and leaves blowing. I wonder where he gets that from?
Great way to keep him occupied while I finish drying my hair.
It's funny though, he kind of just pets his animals when they are all together like this. It's like he's at the zoo and he sees an "animals will bite" sign.
We love our Thursday sitter!  Thanks for coming over to play Evie and Miss Caitlyn.
Matthew turned 30 on Halloween. He said he felt old, as we stayed home and passed out candy. Who wouldn't want to do that on their birthday?
I think this was his favorite thing from his milestone birthday.
We had a little GA/FL birthday party. It was the most guests our house has seen yet. Go Dawgs!
Everyone kept asking what I was dressing up Silas as for Halloween. I guess I'm a bad mom cause I just put him in his Trick or Treat and Pumpkin "onsies". I mean I already put him in an actual pumpkin. Doesn't that count?
He didn't seem to mind. Although I'm sure I'll hear about it when he's a teenager... "geez mom you are so lazy, why didn't you dress me up for Halloween?" Cause I can't sew! I stink.

Happy 30th Matthew. I love you!  Happy first Halloween Silas.  I love you!  Happy Fall everyone! I love it!