The week of the 4th

Had to cook some good-ole American 4th food for my hungry hubby.  The crock-pot BBQ chicken turned out amazing!
My first cobbler! Since Matthew's family always picks blackberries over the summer and makes one, I didn't want him to miss out this year. (Mine were store bought, sorry baby.)
It's funny how pictures make everyone think you have a perfect baby. He started crying two seconds after this picture. I still love you precious baby boy.
I love this face... "Are you kidding me with this hat?"
This was a big deal. Silas sitting up by himself for the first time! (With the help of extra padding)
I think he was proud too.
My sweet nephew Easton looks SO big, but he's only in his terrible 2s. He's not too terrible though. I love his hugs!
I can't believe my other nephew is already 9 months! Tanner the chicks do dig you buddy.
So happy my siblings got to meet Silas finally. Allie and Sarah met him later, but it was great to have the family together again.
It meant so very much to have my grandma, Jaj, here. Silas literally smiled at her every time she talked to him. He loves her just like I do.
Jaj I miss and love you so very much. I wish we lived closer, but I thank God for you and the amazing testimony you are to all who meet you. There's no one quite like you Jaj. Hope you have a great birthday!