Fascinating use of Mayo

Did you know that Mayonnaise helps get paint off of skin?  Yes it's true. And it keeps the skin from getting dry from all that paint!

One of my favorite angles. :) How do you get paint there?
Matthew and I have had a crazy month of guests, painting parties (if you can call it that), gender reveal parties, and other house projects.

These painted doors finally got shelves put in! Now I just have to add the door knob.
My Granny Annie came for a visit and got to meet her great-grandson. What a blessing to have such longevity in my genes!
Grandma Marsha just showered Silas with love. He is a blessed boy to have such a great grandmother.
I love his facial expressions
We've been to two different baby reveal parties in the last couple of weeks. Both friends are having baby boys! So happy Silas will have some testosterone around him. Congrats Pink and Laura!!!