St. Patty's Sweets & more

I'm not usually a baker, but Matthew was really excited about these buttery, sugar Shamrock cookies for our small group. They actually turned out great!
I usually don't like baking for two reasons:
1. You have to be exact with the ingredients- so mine don't turn out great
2. I love sweets, so I don't want to torture myself or gain 100 lbs.
I know this looks a bit like the old Nickelodeon Gack, but it's actually JELLO's newest creation- dry vanilla pudding that changes colors when you add milk to it!
Perfect for St. Patrick's Day with some homemade Angel food and kiwis on top!
Looks gross, but tastes great!
This one looks great, but didn't taste as great. It's a coffee, almond cake I made for a friend's birthday. She said it tasted great, but I think it was too dry (I have very high standards when it comes to my own cooking). It's those "exact" measurements that mess me up!
This will definitely be a Smith family repeat dinner!
I made a homemade (rolled the dough and everything) pizza.
Half BBQ chicken meatball and half tomato mozzarella.
My mouth is watering with all this food-talk.

~Coffee CubBuster