Our Little Bro

Matthew's "little brother" through Big Brothers-Big Sisters is adorable!
Every other week they spend a whole day together, and it's been so fun to see Matthew become a big brother for the first time. He is a natural mentor!

I've never seen someone so happy to hold a slimy, wet animal before! :)


  1. I absolutely adulate, adore, admire, applaud and am in awe of how God is touching Matthew's life ... when His light shines through the eyes and smile of a child because of the love and mentoring Matthew gives, well honestly, it warms my heart and bring tears to my eyes. What a blessing the two of you are! Love Dad

  2. What a cutie! What a cool thing for Matthew to do. Makes such a difference to the little brothers.

  3. awww!
    Jennifer Odom


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