Authentic Adjustments

I finally figured out what I'd call my Food Network show. I figure once Giada catches wind that I have a great show idea, she will want to produce and sponsor it. Then, we will be lifelong friends and take trips to Italy with our families.

"Authentic Adjustments"

Adjustments because I make adjustments to others' recipes based on my likes, dislikes, opinions, and what I have stocked in the fridge or pantry at the time. Plus I don't really like to follow recipes to the "T". Rather, I prefer to add a dash of this or that and a handful of something else. I end up with pretty interesting, (and in my opinion) tasty, new recipes.

Authentic because I strive to bring authenticity in everything I do, but also because the adjustments made do not use anything artificial, but real, yummy, and often times organic ingredients.

Alliteration in the name because... well... I'm an English teacher. I love alliteration!

Giada, I'm available to answer any additional questions you may have! I can't wait to meet you!

My most recent Authentic Adjustment:  Instead of Pioneer Women's "Migas," I made a sort of tomato, blackbean, pepper fritatta based off of her recipe.  It was awesome! A side of cheese grits made it a memorable southern delight! Definitely authentic-adjustment ready. 

~Coffee CubBuster Chef


  1. Delicious Delights to Dazzle and Dare...

    This fellow English teacher says, "HMMMM," sistah!


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