Welcome to the 21st Century

It's been over a decade, and I've refused to join the 21st century. It's not really about independence, pride, or incapability. Rather, Matthew and I had chosen not to join in on many of the newest technologically savvy equipment because..... well honestly, we don't want to be consistently plugged in. We enjoy quiet down time. We are somewhat of a 1950s couple that still likes to be outside. We like to make up games, create contests, and enjoy some of the simple pleasures in this short life.
I really didn't have much time to join Facebook or stare at "Angry Birds".
Yet..... we realized that it was still possible to remain detached from the drama of electronic hindrances while enjoying a few modern pleasures. Yep. it's official. We not only created a Facebook account (which sadly we are never ever on due to the fact that there are other things we'd rather be doing), but Santa also came early...... Siri is my new BFF! Also, Pinterest has enabled me to try some creative DIY projects. Check out my once-ugly, plain green wreath!

It's almost Christmas!!!! I can barely stand it!  
We are enjoying every bit of our new "toy" too!  Thank you Santa baby!

~DIY Buster