Soon-to-be Harvey Couple

James and Brittany ventured back to the ATL so that we could shower them with love and best wishes before they tie the knot in March. I'm so happy for the two of them, but their current pad in Baston (that's the closest I can get to a New England accent) is just not close enough. I'm excited for them to embark on the best, most exciting, fun adventure of their lives!

I was in charge of games, so of course, I put together a variety of crowd pleasers (* hint: Starbucks gift card prizes always get people interested in playing games!)

"Who of the Two, hold up the Shoe" Really fun game I adapted.
(*warning: can get a little smelly)
I was only a little excited to see my Memphis friend
(L-R) Brittany's sister, Kelly (did a great job planning!), the bride to be,
Lindsey, and of course the coffee-lover herself
I forgot how much I loved LHS until we had a semi-reunion

I hope no shoes were injured if thrown after the results of this game. 
It should not be played without my supervision. 

Love you Brit and James! And miss you already!