Smith family Christmas #1

"I know Him, I KNOOOWW HIM!!!"   I can relate with Buddy the Elf. I am still a kid when it comes to Christmas, and I couldn't wait to start making my own Smith family traditions with my hubby. Not only do we have a plethora of Christmas film favorites to plow through every week from Black Friday to Christmas day, but we decided to cut down our very own Griswald Cyrpress Christmas tree! (It's not quite the same size due to the apartment ceiling height restrictions though.)  We were definitely one of the only persons at the Kinsey Family Farm without our own children!  Who needs kids when you are one. :)

How cool would it be to live right by a Christmas tree farm!
I felt somewhat ridiculous when this women with a baby and a 3 year old asked
if we wanted her to take our picture. She had her hands full! Seriously she felt bad that we couldn't get the right angle on the tractor?
Matthew was on a mission to find the perfect tree!
He's definitely the detail-oriented one of the family.
I was just so excited to be there I couldn't barely stand it. 
Here's Leyla (yes we named her... Rather I named her), our Leyland Cypress!
There's something about carrying a tree that makes guys feel like they've climbed mount everest.
This is when he started getting excited! :) 
*Keep in mind- First time experiences are always special, but they always lead to
a little frustration too. We had a little trouble fitting Leyla into the stand.
Can you see the frustration in that face?
But it always ends joyously. I love Christmas!

Can't wait to make more Christmas memories!

~BuddytheElf Buster 


  1. I'm so glad you cut your tress down! Bert and I do that too. It really makes it feel like the Christmas season is official when you cut down your own tree.


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