Wall Worth

What's a wall worth? Some say it distracts, others say it heightens concentration. I say, a little color goes a long way. As a new educator, I am slightly lacking in my school room decor. However, some lovely co-workers of mine have assisted in the Mrs. Smith classroom wall fund. I think they took pity on my sad walls. Amazingly enough, despite the craziness of pre-planning week, the crafty and creative history teacher actually put my bulletin board together for me! I am really actually blessed to work where and with whom I do. It's truly a blessing.
Anyway...I had printed off a few exceptional quotes and verses on simple computer paper, and she actually laminated them and then put up a bunch of her own scrapbook paper. The picture might not do it justice, but it sure upgraded the walls in my classroom!  Now I just need a little rest before those high schoolers come barging in Monday morning. Maybe they will be so mezmorized by the board that they'll be speechless on day one! (or maybe I'll just need a lot of coffee)

I'm SO excited!!!



  1. It looks great! I always loved wall decorations in the classrooms. They made everything feel more comfortable and less sterile.


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