Shanks in Mexico!

Another Blair name has vacated this world. We are dropping like flies (all good things do)!  Good thing Matt Blair is there to carry us home. My sister, Nicole, and her hubby Steven tied the knot in Cancun this past Saturday. She looked absolutely stunning, and minus the rain, everything went perfectly. There was unbelievable and an endless amount of delicious food. 
Yes I had more than three meals a day, and no I don't feel bad about it. 
There was latin dancing, the yummiest of coffee drinks, and Mr. Smith by my side. What more could I ask for. Well, maybe a little more sleep. Nicole wasn't the most laid back of brides. It was really great though.
There was even turtle beach births! Yes. You read that right. However the over-protective marine biologist wouldn't let us take pictures. (The visual is forever burned in my memory though)

Like sister, like sister- She had the best blue shoes!

I don't know if you can see Nicole's sash on her dress but
all the shades of blue looked amazing together!

Her other maids of honor did her hair!
Unbelievable (they aren't even hair dressers by trade!)

While the beach was plan A,
the hotel made plan B look pretty amazing for the ceremony.
I'm so glad my husband knew to look at the groom's face at this moment.
He still remembers that feeling! :) 
Again, my husband rocks, but this picture came out a little fuzzy.
(I blame the camera, not the photographer!)
Just as the husband and wife should be treated- like royalty!
The skies let up so that we could get some great pics on the beach!
The shades of blue in the resort pool and in the sky were a perfect match!
I think Nicole may have planned it. Maybe.
I think the rain actually made the pictures more amazing!
This was the original ceremony spot. 
The new combined families. Minus my better half. :(
It really was an amazing hotel!
There were certainly some tears at the dinner afterward
(from me especially).
I'd like to take credit for these entranced faces, but I think my dad is toasting here. 
My sister's love language is definitely not physical touch (unlike me),
so this snapshot is a rarity.
I think it might be one of my all time favorites.
Would it be weird to blow it up and make it our Christmas card this year?

I'm so happy for Nicole and Steven! Can't wait to visit them in their new Dallas home!
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Shanks!



  1. Gorgeous!!! What resort is this? We are honeymooning in Cancun in 25 days!!! Ahhhhhh! :)


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