Smith Motel

It's funny how you go through a dry season and a rainy season. Just like the tropics. Except I hope your seasons aren't too extreme at any point in time. ;)
Matthew and I haven't had too many overnight guests since we moved into our apartment. Not to mention, we haven't had many daytime guests either. I'm not complaining though. I know its not the largest mansion in the world. I also still have things I'm putting up and getting together to make it feel like a home.
However, for some reason this week-- the week that I have my school's HS retreat up at Sharptop, the week I contract the ever-present first school-year sinus cold, the week we have the all-important school educational banquet late at night, the week I'm just pooped as a pickle-- this week my family seems to crave a night at the Smith motel. (That's MOtel not HOtel). Trust me.You won't get your luggage taken up to your room this week.
Don't misunderstand me. I love overnight guests. It's just a bit comical how our dry season has turned into a monsoon this week. I feel awful. We had to turn folks away (we only have one small "guest room" okay). Matthew's dad and step-mom needed a place to unpack for a few days before a big surgery in a local Atlanta hospital. I said "Come on."  Then Matthew's mom was passing through the ATL and wondered about our occupancy. I said, "You are always welcome... except this time."  :(   Then my out-of-town dad told me he'd be coming through and hoped our permanent invitation still stood. I said, "No way! Find your own place." No. I love my dad to much to kid.  I told him it was a crazy place, but the couch is available for immediate sleeping.

I'm so thankful our family doesn't mind sharing a bathroom together! Especially with the scary honking nose-music my husband and I make together! :)