Spring? Where are you?

Come on Punxsutawney Phil.... where's my spring!?!?! How how sweet the sounds of warmth. In case you missed the glistening, majestic, unfamiliar, diamond-like dusting of salt this morning, I'll be Katie Couric for you:  

Last night in the beautiful North Georgia and Metro Atlanta region, residents experienced a quick-moving storm that dropped less than an inch of snow on the ground. For a recent change, the roads remained warm enough to melt any and all accumulation. Instead, Atlantans woke up to find a perfectly white beauty in their neighborhoods. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your profession, few schools and businesses needed to shut their doors today. All of the white glitter is expected to melt by the end of the day because of the bright shining star beaming on the area today and warming the rest of the Earth. Enjoy this rare treat southerners!