Love of Love

I love even after seven years, all I need to get excited about seein my man is that it be on a week night! For the big V-day, Matthew and I grabbed a quick meal at CPK (california pizza kitchen--in case you aren't cool), and attended the Picture Show dollar theater, which we ended up walking out of (bad choice of movie--- How do you know? with Reece Witherspoon you probably haven't heard of it, for a reason.) However, the evening was recovered with a sweet Disney flick- The Secretariat on DVD. I love being an old almost-married couple!

Simple and sweet.... my two favorite things. Hope you felt the love on Valentine's regardless of your marital status. It's all about loving anyone and everyone!

~Loving CubBuster


  1. Oh Katie! You look so sopretty in this picture! :)
    I miss you...


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