A breath of fresh air...

So, I've been lacking in my posting due to the crazy life of a high school English teacher also posing as a graduate student, who would like to also star as the leading lady in her very own wedding in three months!
Thus, the Coffee CubBuster has been in serious need of coffee lately.

It was such a breath of fresh air to go from the crazy barnyard-esque, seventh grade, public middle school kids, to the less hormonal personalities of my private, high school kids. What a difference! Each one certainly has its own positives and negatives, but I am SO blessed to experience them both. I also feel significantly blessed to recognize the amazing gift of attending chapel. Although many of these students have been around church-life since they came out of the womb and do not understand the gift it is to sing praises to our Heavenly Father during a school day, I, on the other hand, certainly appreciate the weekly moment of contemplation and peace during such a crazy season of my life. I know God knew I would need this place. My school is great, my CT is great, my department chair is great, and almost all my students are great :)    I kid.....

Now for the most important note:  If you have not experience the following coffee choice, you need to run, not walk to the nearest wholesaler to purchase the pure gold before I buy it all up. It will give you life, laughter, and serenity now!  Thank you Ms. Karen for introducing me to this delicacy!

~Chocolate Carmel CubBuster