Silas is 4!

Every good and perfect gift is from above. --James 1:17

Silas, you are a gift. No doubt about it. Your joy exudes through your tippy toes; your welcoming and loving personality opens a plethora of opportunities to make everyone a friendly face; your strict and stubborn routines make for both challenging show downs, as well as perfect helping hands; you are a wise teacher, an amazing big brother, and a sweet son of God. We love you more than words can express. I cannot believe you are four! It was Oh, a happy happy day when God gifted us with your life. Thank you for your forgiveness as we learn to be your parents, and thank you for your love each and every day. You promised that even when your sixteen you will still hug and kiss mommy. You want to be a typer, a daddy and a train conductor when you get big. The biggest thing in the world to you is the number 100. You too me yesterday that God is the biggest because He is 100 years old. And your constant Curious George inquisitions make for amazing learning on everyone's part. Thank you big boy for being you. We love you dearly! Happy Birthday bud

A dinosaur museum birthday!

A new "real" driver for our little golfer. No more plastic ones.

Perfect "Masters" birthday present.

Look how strong I am mommy! I'm four!

Yes and that means you get to help out more. Lunch-making training.

He said he doesn't like any "white space" on his sandwich 

Oops. I see some white space.
Everyone wanted to do new things this week!

Couldn't wait another month. Ro Ro wanted to try food with his brothers at 5 months old

He's loving it!

Happy Birthday bud!

~Four Buster