Quick answer to prayer

Sometimes prayers are immediately answered giving us more faith to trust when they seem to go unheard for years. I am so thankful that the day after my last post, Levi stopped throwing up altogether! Thank you so much for praying for our little guy. He still wasn't eager to eat for a while, but in the past couple of days he's been extra hungry! Such a great reason to deal with a fussy Levi! Hopefully this will get our weight gain back in the positive direction before our GI appointment next week. It has been the perfect birthday gift to have all my babies healthy! What a blessing!

The typical "Levi face"

The typical "Silas face"

We went on a nature walk, and I'm sure we got some stares as to whether we were crazy trick-or-treaters a month early.

I've brainwashed my son to love fall even more than me if that's possible.

He told everyone we saw happy "fall day."

Levi double-checked we got all the listed items.

Great birthday weekend!

We took this exact picture at Burt's Farm two years ago...

Wow.... please stop growing Silas!

Even though my hubby had to leave town on my birthday, he got up at 5 am to set this up!

Love homemade presents from Silas!

Levi loved the homemade icing!

Special sugar when you are home with boys on your birthday.

Silas put all his toys in the bag for my birthday present! Sweet boy,  I love your generosity!

Even though we miss daddy, it's been the best birthday ever!
~Birthday Buster!