I remember when Levi was taking steps forward and backward while living in the hospital, and it made it difficult to rejoice in the triumphs for fear of the nearing step in the wrong direction. I hesitated to bust out my happy dance, not because I didn't trust God's goodness and miracles, but because I remembered that this was a marathon, not a sprint. However, I cannot forget to show my gratitude for the good days even if they are short-lived. If Silas was never happy for fear of potential future discipline, my heart would be sad. Thus, I will rejoice in the fact that Levi has NOT thrown up in almost a week!!!! (Minus the standard gagging spit up that occurs with a frequent choker.) The secret sauce is... running out of doctoral ideas, and choosing to try my own recipe without permission. Levi is on a lower calorie diet with standard toddler formula and baby food, and I have cut his tube feedings short by 15 minutes. I will ask for forgiveness on Monday during his GI appointment, but I pray even if he hasn't gained much weight, they will see the benefit in him keeping his food down. While I'm hesitant to say we conquered the year of throw up, I truly hope and pray that this hurdle is nearing its end so we can focus on increasing food by mouth.
We continue to try and strengthen his right hand and in the meantime, he is a little cruiser making my life busier! I have to tape or wrap his G-button whenever he's not eating so that it doesn't get snagged and come out. (Never fun for anyone.)  Since I rarely exercise anymore, at least little Levi is helping me keep a little baby weight down!

There's never a dull moment in our lives, and I am thankful for every second of it. I'm often asked as the Coffee Cub if I indulge during pregnancy. The answer is of course- YES! While my intake has probably increased a bit with each pregnancy, I try to keep it to a minimum. Plus, watching them give Levi shots of caffeine after birth assuaged my concerns about potential side effects of a little cup of joe each day. Speaking of... Here's a great idea I saw on "The Kitchen." I hate wasting food, especially coffee, so freeze it up into cubes and either add it to iced coffee or cool off hot coffee without watering it down!

Cautious first born is getting a little more adventurous, and I love it!

Slime is always a good idea (except that his hand stayed purple all day).

Northside Hospital had a preemie reunion party at the zoo! The event occurred in the evening hours, but Silas didn't care!

Levi cared a little.

Our mouth breather was in a crazy dream all evening.

Even though our favorite nurses and doctors were working and couldn't attend, we appreciated celebrating Levi's return home!

Thank you for all your love!

~Coffee CubBuster