Gaining or Growing: two boys and a dog

While Levi may not be gaining much weight, he is still growing, and that is what matters.  It's funny...  we went to my parents' lake house for memorial day and I looked at Silas, Levi, and our precious dog Chloe. All three of them are not very stocky or weigh much for their respective ages, but all three are still healthy (all things considered). Chloe may have been deaf, Silas may still wear 2T shorts and Levi may still throw up, but all of them are happy and pain-free. Many people are not as fortunate. I was reminded of the verse I read the other day in 1 Corinthians. "So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow." We can toil all day long, but that toil may be in vain if it's not part of God's plan. You can plant the best seeds and water your brains out, but that plant won't actually grow unless God wills it to grow. All our efforts are futile if we continue to believe we are the one's who create life or take life away. We may have a hand in the planting and watering, and it may appear at times that we are the ones making things grow, but truly we just get to witness daily miracles.

While traveling with two young boys and an old dog isn't always easy, it was certainly worth the effort for the memories, especially because Chloe, after 15 and a half good years went to Heaven today. She will be missed!
Fall camping with Chloe as our practice baby in 2011
Captain Silas loved "driving" the boat

I wish my boys would keep on sunglasses or hats!

Pictures make everyone think everything is always easy. While it took Silas a bit to warm up to the jet ski, while it took Levi a bit to warm up to the boat, and while it took Chloe a bit to warm up to Levi and Silas, we are thankful for the weekend and thankful for each of them.