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As a former high school teacher, I swore to myself that I’d never overly inflate my children’s egos, never coddle, never act as their safeguard against necessary failures, and always push them to figure things out on their own two feet. I just saw too many parents who obviously felt that their child’s performance, behavior, or even personalities was somehow a reflection on them, so they’d do whatever it took to cover up flaws and focus on the phenomenon that was their child. Of course, I’m far from high school aged children, but it’s incredibly humbling to see how quickly I have subconsciously wanted to show off my son’s skills. As a full time mommy, I think there is some part of me that regards my children’s abilities as my personal end of year position analysis. Whether I get that raise or not depends on how well my kids behave and whether they’ve advanced in their intellectual and physical abilities. Even typing this nauseates me a little because I don’t believe any of it, but if I’m humble enough to admit even the subconscious, and then I may be able to change it.

This is just another reason I feel unbelievably blessed that my second child has “special needs.” He may catch up one day, but for now, and for the foreseeable future, he is delayed. Even if there was a short cut through this milestone mountain, I don’t think I’d want to find it at this point. It would feel like I was cheating myself from an incredible chance to see the world through a different lens. Plus, I cannot wait to see how God uses these challenges in the lives of my boys’ future. It is certainly making me a better person.

We are thrilled about our third GI doctor (number two was good, but already had an apt set with this new doc so we went on Monday to check it out)! He looked at Levi like his own son, and he is eager to “figure this out” with us. Apparently he’s a sort of “feeding specialist” in his GI practice. Levi continues to hang tight around 15 pounds, but we have some things in the works that we’d love your prayers over:

-       Friday Levi will get an upper GI scan to check out exactly what’s going on!
-       Levi’s internal button could be blocking things, or the fundoplycation could still be in tact (lots to see and figure out since GI team was not part of the initial surgery!)
-       Levi is still on a continual nighttime feed, but we are trying some new formula for the time being. There is a medicine that we can look at in the future if needed to help him not “feel so full and nauseous” at the end of his feeds and increase hunger drive.
-       Next week we will see all of our therapists PT, ST, and OT, as well as orthopedic and orthotics (his leg braces) we are praying that we get good news from all, especially the okay to just where leg braces during nap and nighttime in order to help with PT.
-       Levi also gets another dose of the RSV shot next week. We continue to pray for his good health during this season of germs, but so far we’ve been greatly blessed!

We truly believe in the power of prayer. I was reminded of this when my mother-in-law came in town for the holidays. She showed me this picture taken many months ago from her sweet town in St. Simons. Talk about humbled...

  We can't thank you enough if you are someone who has ever prayed for our family. Thank you, thank you.

Just some fun "science experiments" with my big man to make these cold days fun!

First time in the Johnny Jumper. He didn't hate it, but I'm not sure he loved it either. :) Look at the great second position of those feet though! 

~Boasting Buster


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