Levi's First Christmas

Normally I am very sad when the holidays come to a close, but I'm realizing that the quicker they leave, the quicker they seem to return. As life moves forward, so do the sweet changes in life.

We ended up changing Levi's feeding routine just before Christmas because neither medicine seemed that effective; now he gets a slow drip for 12 hours at night, decreasing the amount of food he eats during the day. While this is a step in the wrong direction, it seems to be helping his spitting issues and hopefully his weight gain. We have another GI appointment on Monday, so I'm anxious to hear thoughts on our progress. However, Levi seems to be changing almost daily. He's rolling much better, sitting up for extended periods without assistance, and constantly smiling! Does everyone have happy babies, or did I just luck out somehow with mine? Also, Levi seems to be making some good progress with his feeding therapy, as we desensitize his mouth and increase his tolerance to various spoons dipped in baby food. It all would look terribly delayed and uneventful if you were a fly on our walls, but if you were that same fly ten months ago, you'd be as thrilled with the minor achievements too!

It was a true blessing to have both our boys home for Christmas and New Years! Here's a look at some of our joys...

Nothing like a classic gingerbread house to spice up a rainy day

I had a helper with my Jesus Birthday cake this year, but no store had red food coloring! Pink it was!

We taught Silas to wait until the clock said 7:00 to wake us up, but here he is Christmas morning telling his daddy that there is "a 7 on the clock." It was 5:47. Wrong place bud.


His smile is unbelievable!

I am terrible at remembering to take family photos. Silas dancing with his cousin was all I captured.

Smoothies are the best!

Seriously!? I can't put my finger on why his smile is so amazing!

Happy New Year!

Started 2016 with a little fake snow (hoping to influence mother nature!)

Had a great NYE with our new fire pit!

Welcome to 2016 boys!

His hair, his posture.... it's wonderful to see him get bigger!
~2016 Buster