To ski or not to ski

Why do people ski? It's very expensive, the preparation, clothing, and equipment are kind of ridiculous, there is a good chance you could get seriously injured, and it's physically exhausting. I've only been skiing three times in my life, but I LOVED it each time, and I hope I get the chance to go again one day.
Well I think skiing is very similar to parenting little ones... with one major difference of course. When you look at our lack of sleep from our babies, who can drive us mad at tired moments, with the illnesses that make life that much more difficult, alongside Silas' new deceit and intelligence (he'll throw out a potty request or "what is that over there mommy" when we are trying to reprimand him). Couple this with physical exhaustion, diminishing finances, additional yucky chores, and Levi's physical disabilities, and you'd probably think we were done having children. You'd be absolutely wrong.
The major difference between skiing and kids (besides the obvious unconditional love, joy and laughter they bring) is that you can always go skiing again (pending no permanent broken bones). I thought about it the other day as I plopped my weary self on the sofa after both boys were asleep. These days may be hard at times, but they are fleeting. We all know time flies, but Christmas like birthdays and other future vacations come every year. Children are only children one time. Once you are done having kids, or once your babies grow up and stop adoring you with every bone in their bodies, you will never get to relive those moments. You can't "renew your young ones" like you can your wedding vows. It's just not possible to go back and raise babies once they (and you) are fully grown. Grandchildren are just a different breed. Your little ones may be little in your eyes forever, but they will leave, spread their wings, and make their own way.
Thus, I will seek to cherish even the most pressing moments with this reminder. As tiring as it can be to have Silas want to read a book at six in the morning or be held when he's under the weather, as demanding as Levi's cry for attention can be at five in the morning, as frustrating as a two-hour long dinner with a toddler can be, or the snail speed of feeding therapy with Levi,  I won't get to do it much longer. I am blessed, and I actually love these long days with a strange sort of love. I hope and pray we get to have more babies one day if God wills it, and I challenge myself to love the sleepless nights all the same.

Homemade doughnuts were so fun to decorate, but the sugar high aftermath was not as enjoyable.

When left alone on the deck, I found Silas to be a sweet home-builder for a little lost ladybug.

One of the many reasons Silas still enjoys his crib instead of a big boy bed!

We continue to realize that Levi is not as delicate as he seems. He loves to be thrown in the air, play with his big brother, and hold his own with toy instruction.

Silas is hands down my kid. He LOVES to teach Levi everything, especially his book knowledge.

Again... my child... He has a new love of "cleaning" with mommy.

I think it's more the squirt bottle he loves than the actual cleaning! He may get his first job at a car wash though.

Levi started some new meds to help contract his stomach muscles quicker (helping to get the food down faster to slow the spit up). Unfortuantely, medicine number one failed, but medicine number two seems promising. Still spitting up a lot, but less than before. If this doesn't help him keep food down, we will start a new feeding schedule, which would be a step backward for therapy, but worth it if he gains weight again!

We are so grateful for all the love this holiday season, and if we haven't reached out to you personally, please know we love and cherish you in our hearts this Christmas!

~Skiing Buster