when complaints come easier than thanks

Lately it has been all too easy to complain. I won't vent you the details because that would just be my way of getting some sympathy, which by the way, I believe you'd give freely after hearing about the kind of month we've had here.
Instead, I have found that the best cure for self-pity follows a step by step recipe.

First, change your perspective. Seriously reconsider how well-off you are instead of what you're missing.
Next, pour a good cup of strong coffee.
After that, think about others who have it so much worse than you.
Finally, look for way to serve and gift others. It will change your whole attitude.

I found this yummy (yeah... I licked the spoon already) and easy recipe on Pinterest, that I plan to give to some of those people who have made my life easier. I'm truly thankful..... even when I don't think that way. I mean what is Thanksgiving without Thankfulness?