Super Smiths

It's been a busy few weeks with a golden birthday, first tricker treater, and fall festivals. Check out the photo dump from our family with love...

The whole reason we decided to be a super family was because Silas will "fly" on commamd. Just say,"da du da dun da dun! Super Silas!"

One of our favorite couples decided to join our theme with Batman, Catwoman, and little Poison Ivy! She was the cutest!

Matthews cake may have looked sloppy (a little sticking to the lid issue), but it tasted yummy!

Silas and Hudon are truly BFFs already. Adorable!

I attempted some "scary" finger foods for Matthew's birthday, but my "mummy dogs, witch fingers, mini pumpkins, and blood orange soda" all needed explanatory signs.

Silas absolutely loved "turkeying" (his version of trick or treat); he just kept going back for more candy! The secret was to give him his first "sucker" so he knew what candy was. Then he couldn't wait to get more!

Matthew loves building fires, so it was fun to watch our little man help put up our gifted firewood.

Didn't do a whole lot for Matthew's 30th, so I wanted to make up for it for his golden birthday. A surprise party at Top Golf. We had a great time!

Love our local fall festivals. I think we have a little musician on our hands!
Happy Birthday Baby! 

~ SuperBuster